Lethyrox 125 Tab

Lethyrox 125 Tab

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LATOCOM CF EYE DROPS is a combination of Timolol and Latanoprost which belongs to the group of medicines called Beta-blockers and Prostaglandin analogs respectively. It is used to decrease the elevated pressure in the eye among adult patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. It is typically used only when other medicines have not worked appropriately.

Ocular hypertension is an eye condition in which the pressure within the eye exceeds the normal range (above 16mmHg). Open-angle glaucoma is a chronic, progressive eye condition primarily caused due to elevated intraocular pressure (pressure in the eyes). It can lead to permanent loss of vision if not treated properly. Symptoms include intense eye pain or tenderness, blurred vision, eye redness or itching and headache.

Salt Composition: Timolol + Latanoprost
Strength: (5mg/ml) +(50mcg/ml)
Pack Size: 5ml eye drop
Uses: Treatment of Glaucoma Treatment of Ocular hypertension
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Salt Composition
Timolol + Latanoprost
(5mg/ml) +(50mcg/ml)
Pack Size
5ml eye drop
Treatment of Glaucoma Treatment of Ocular hypertension
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