Aurocaine Eye Drop

Aurocaine Eye Drop

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Aurocaine Eye Drop contains Proparacaine which belongs to the group of medicines called Local anesthetic agents. It is indicated for topical anesthesia in ophthalmic practice. It is used to cause temporary numbness of the eye, prior to any eye examination (such as tonometry or gonioscope) or ophthalmic procedures (such as cataracts, conjunctival scraping or removal of sutures or foreign bodies from the eye).

Proparacaine is a fast-acting local anesthetic agent. It decreases pain sensation and cause temporary numbness in the eye by blocking the transfer of pain signals from the peripheral part of the body (i.e., eye) to the brain. Aurocaine Eye Drop is a very fast acting anesthetic agent which brings in anesthesia within 30 seconds of application and the anesthetic effects may last up to 10-15 minutes or longer.

Salt Composition: Proparacaine
Strength: (0.5% w/w)
Pack Size: 5 ml in 1 bottle
Uses: Eye anesthesia
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Salt Composition
(0.5% w/w)
Pack Size
5 ml in 1 bottle
Eye anesthesia
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