ashish shah - N Chimanlal Enterprises

Mr. Ashish N. Shah

Managing Director

He is the third generation owner and Director of N C Enterprises for the past 35 years after completing his Management & Accounting Bachelor’s degree at the esteemed University of Mumbai. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and pharmaceuticals expert with intimate knowledge of the working of the industry. Under his effective leadership and corporate vision our company has created a trusted business relationship with clients over 37 countries all over the globe. 

randolph - N Chimanlal Enterprises

Mr Randolph A. Rodricks

Chief Operating Officer

He is in his 50th year of Pharma experience, first in India with world leaders, Boots of England and the Pfizer subsidiary, Searle, of the U.S. and has personally worked in and developed Pharma markets, in 15 countries world-wide. With a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta, Mr. Rodricks has hands-on experience in both Product, as well as Sales Mgt, and is Visiting Prof. of Pharmaceutical Management, in the prestigious Bombay College of Pharmacy.

krisha shah - N Chimanlal Enterprises

Ms Krisha Shah

Business Development Associate

N C Enterprise’s youngest addition to the management team is a recent Imperial College Business School, London graduate in Strategy, Consulting & Management. She is being mentored as a Business Development Analyst by our Management Team and has adopted several marketing strategies to our day to day working.

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