Emglobulin 5% Solution

Emglobulin 5% Solution

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Emglobulin 5% Solution 100 ml belongs to the class of medications called immunising agents used to treat immunoglobulin (antibody) deficiency and certain inflammatory disorders. It is used to treat immunoglobulin deficiency in people with primary immunodeficiency or PID (present from birth) and secondary immunodeficiency or SID (developed in the later stages of life). Emglobulin 5% Solution 100 ml is also used to treat inflammatory disorders such as primary immune thrombocytopenia (reduced number of platelets), Guillain-Barre syndrome (short-term inflammation of the peripheral nerves causing weakness of legs and upper limbs), Kawasaki disease (inflammation of blood vessels in children), chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy or CIDP (long-term inflammation of peripheral nerves), and multifocal motor neuropathy (progressive disease leading to weakness of arms and legs).

Emglobulin 5% Solution 100 ml contains Human normal immunoglobulin, which replaces the deficient antibodies necessary to act against infections and inflammation. It works exactly as the immunoglobulins present in the body. Immunoglobulins are an essential part of the immune system, which recognises the antigens or foreign elements in the body and aids in their destruction. It also helps to reduce inflammation by improving immunity.

Salt Composition: Human Normal Immunoglobulin
Strength: (5gm)
Pack Size: 100ml solution
Uses: Immunoglobulins deficiency
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Salt Composition
Human Normal Immunoglobulin
Pack Size
100ml solution
Immunoglobulins deficiency
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