Shanvac-B 10mcg Injection

Shanvac-B 10mcg Injection

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Shanvac-B 10mcg Injection belongs to the group of medicines called ‘immunizing agents’ primarily used to prevent hepatitis B infection. Hepatitis B is a disease that occurs when the hepatitis B virus attacks the liver and causes infection. It can lead to liver cirrhosis (scarring), liver cancer, liver failure, and death.

Shanvac-B 10mcg Injection contains ‘ Hepatitis B vaccine.’ It works by exposing the body to a small dose of virus or its protein when injected. Thereby, it helps provide immunity or resistance against the hepatitis B virus. The viral vaccine can be inactivated/killed virus (inability to replicate) or attenuated/live (cannot cause the disease but can induce an immune response1

Salt Composition: Hepatitis B Vaccine (rDNA)
Strength: (10mcg)
Pack Size: 1ml
Uses: Prevention of Hepatitis B infection
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Salt Composition
Hepatitis B Vaccine (rDNA)
Pack Size
Prevention of Hepatitis B infection
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