Glaritus 100IU/ml Injection

Glaritus 100IU/ml Injection

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Glaritus 100Iu/ml Injection 3 x 3 ml is a long-acting insulin that contains insulin glargine. This is a modified insulin, very similar to human insulin. Human insulin is the name which describes synthetic (human-made) insulin, which is laboratory grown to mimic the insulin in humans. Glaritus 100Iu/ml Injection 3 x 3 ml is used to treat diabetes mellitus in adults, adolescents and children aged two years and above. Diabetes mellitus is a disease where your body does not produce enough insulin to control the level of blood sugar. Glaritus 100Iu/ml Injection 3 x 3 ml has a long and steady blood-sugar-lowering action. Long-acting insulin takes about 2 hours to start acting and is designed to work uniformly so that there is no peak activity as such. The duration of long-acting insulin is up to 24 hours. Treatment with Glaritus 100Iu/ml Injection 3 x 3 ml helps to prevent complications from your diabetes. Do not use Glaritus 100Iu/ml Injection 3 x 3 ml to treat diabetic ketoacidosis (too much acid in the blood).

Glaritus 100Iu/ml Injection 3 x 3 ml is a long-acting insulin that works by ensuring consistent sugar control. Hence, it helps lower blood sugar levels throughout the day. Based on your lifestyle, the results of your blood sugar (glucose) tests, and your previous insulin usage. Your doctor will advise you how much Glaritus 100Iu/ml Injection 3 x 3 ml per day you will need and when you need to take it.

Salt Composition: Insulin Glargine
Strength: (100IU)
Pack Size: Injection 3 x 3 ml
Uses: Diabetes
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Salt Composition
Insulin Glargine
Pack Size
Injection 3 x 3 ml
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