Carnicept Injection

Carnicept Injection

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Carnicept Injection belongs to a class of medications called amino acids. It is used in the treatment of carnitine deficiency. It helps the body produce energy and improves the efficiency of body function. Carnicept Injection is generally administered by a healthcare professional. You should not self-administer this at home. It may cause injection site reactions like pain, swelling, redness that are generally mild and temporary. Carnicept Injection is usually a safe medicine, however, it may cause nausea, vomiting, and reactions at the site of injection such as swelling, redness, and pain. Your doctor may monitor your blood glucose levels regularly while you are taking the medicine. Before starting the medicine, inform your doctor if you have any other medical conditions or are taking any other medications. Patients with severe kidney disease should not take this medicine unless prescribed by the doctor. In Carnitine deficiency Carnitine deficiency can lead to many problems such as muscle weakness, fatigue, problems with heart (such as heart enlargement), liver or brain (encephalopathy), confusion etc. Carnicept Injection contains amino acids that are very important for the normal growth and development of the internal organs, muscles and nerves. It helps to maintain normal functioning of the internal organs and maintains nerve conduction too. It has a major role in the generation of energy in our body, regulation of mood, healing and repair of damaged tissues and keeping our skin, nails and hair healthy.

Salt Composition: Levo-carnitine (1000mg)
Pack Size: ampoule of 5 ml Injection
Uses: Carnitine deficiency
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Salt Composition
Levo-carnitine (1000mg)
Pack Size
ampoule of 5 ml Injection
Carnitine deficiency
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