• Procurement
  • NC Enterprises has an authorized supply set up all over the Indian subcontinent allowing us to get the best quality and prices for providing our global cutomers with effective services. Our dedicated sourcing and procurment team removes every logistical gap in the way in order to achieve an organsied supply system.
  • Quality Management
  • With our authorized and licensed supplier network and our Quality Control personnel maintaining the integrity and safety of the products manufactured and sourced we aim to reduce the chance of counterfeit products and enhancing customer confudence and trust.
  • Labelling & Packaging
  • Our packing and labelling personnel maintain a sophisticated level of packing such as palletisation and temperature controlled containers enables us to have an easy process at the Customs Authority of India as well as the recepient country and a 0% chance of damage to the case till the final destination of the product.
  • Transportation
  • Our strong transportation network and logistics set up allows us to provide shipments through Air & Sea to our valued customers. It is important for us to provide the fastest, cheapest and safest transport option to the recipient at the allotted time to ensure punctual delivery of goods in the best condition ready for our client’s use.