NC Enterprises is a Global Pharmaceutical Wholesaler with a 75 year expertise in Pharmaceuticals. With our presence in almost 30+ countries across South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Pacific Region as well as South America to name a few.
We cater to a wide range of clients such as Ministry of Health, Chain Pharmacies, Hospitals & Clinics, Retailers to name a few for a wide spectrum of products. Our product lines include Branded/Generic Pharmaceuticals, OTC & Consumer Products, Oncology Products, Cold Chain Drugs, Surgical and Orthopedic products etc.

Our worldwide reach helps us create an unmatched pharmaceuticals exchange for all types of finished pharmaceutical products. Our sales network, suppliers and manufacturers connection along with our wide variety of product lines partnered with out sophisticated packaging services allows us to be a one stop shop for all the needs of our valued customers.
Our products are available to local wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies in many countries these are the following points we focus on while creating a strong partnership policy thereby understanding our partner’s requirements and satisfying them.

Customer Specific Supply is ensured in terms of pricing, quality and product by our dedicated procurement team. Managing the client’s expectations and diverse needs is important for our company in order to maintain a trusting client relationship.
Regulatory Support Services by our management and business development team focuses on providing and assuring high level of quality, efficiency and safety of our products up to international standards as per guidelines of health authorities in most countries. Registration documentation, dossiers are thoroughly prepared and checked by our team to ensure a smooth process.

We aim at securing our clients trust with the services we provide in terms of quality, safety, regulations thus providing an end-to-end service to them. Extending global reach through brand awareness, marketing research coupled with customer service leads to our multi pronged approach. Logistics with shorter lead time with great deal of safety and attention is of utmost importance to us. Climate controlled storage, modern data logging systems, regular inspections at every stage while entering and leaving the warehouse as well as latest transportation service by Air or Sea is promised by our logistics team. The journey us monitored till it reaches our valued clients. Our relationship with our clients is beyond a one shipment, we invest ourselves thoroughly by constantly keeping in touch, providing new products and services, new information on drug developments and healthcare products.

We at NC Enterprises have enabled a strong partnership with our global customers in the following way:

  • Shipping across 50 countries across all continents
  • 12+ Segments with over 50,000 Products
  • Branded & Generic Pharmaceuticals
  • Bulk Pharmaceuticals for Export
  • Named Patient Supply
  • Hospital, Clinic & Ministry of Health Supplies
  • Chain Pharmacies & Supermarkets
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Country of Origin Certificate
  • Temperature Controlled Shipments
  • International Regulations Enabled Shipments
  • Contract Manufacturing